Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Training

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Course Features Of Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Training

What Is Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Training All About?

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is an approach which is gaining more interest across industry sectors globally; a complementary for an already existing comprehensive OSH program for risk management & injury prevention. BBS is derived from scientific research conducted by H.W. Heinrich in 1930s; 88% of workplace accidents were caused by Unsafe Acts/ At-Risk Behavior, followed by Unsafe Conditions (10%) and Unpreventable Causes (2%). Later, the BBS approach was conceptualized by B. F. Skinner in the late 1930s. Since then, the BBS approach itself has been progressively improved with the current behavioral model.

A recent study conducted by Geller in 2001 shows that employees’ behaviors are closely associated with their competency level. Four (4) competency levels of employees have been identified in shaping employees’ behaviors, thus proper intervention types such as Instructional, Motivational, Supportive etc. should be used for each competency. This is to ensure the effectiveness of positive behavior change.

Course Objective Of Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Training

Who Should Attend Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Training?

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