Ergonomics Consultation and Workplace Assessment

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A prominent company in the field of measurement science, our wide-ranging diagnostic services and comprehensive assessments will aid you in qualifying and quantifying the exposure of hazardous agents at your workplace and its surrounding. Besides these laboratory services, we provide thorough testing facilities that will help you identify and remove health, safety, and environmental hazards. MySHEQA has many high-profile experts, most of whom are very distinguished in their field, and you can assuredly receive professional guidance from these professionals. These specialists will glean crucial data from analysing your test results, which will allow you to pinpoint and eliminate HSE risks efficiently and effectively. We guarantee you that we only deliver value for your money and we constantly remain relevant in today’s health, safety, and environmental world.

Ergonomics Risk Assessment (ERA) Stages

Ergonomics is the study of a working person’s environment and how one can eliminate and/or decrease sources of discomfort and risks of injury. The Department of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) introduced “Guidelines on Ergonomics Risk Assessment at Workplace” in 2017 with the purpose of implementing a methodical plan for recognising, assessing, and regulating ergonomic risk factors pertaining to workplace activities.

Here at MySHEQA, we endeavor to assist companies across Malaysia in reinforcing DOSH’s ergonomic guidelines at their own workplaces as best as we can. We offer Initial and Advanced Ergonomic Risk Assessments (ERA) or consultations.

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