Internal Audit of ISO 14001:2015 Training

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Course Features Of Internal Audit of ISO 14001:2015 Training

What Is Internal Audit of ISO 14001:2015 Training All About?

Internal Audit Training MS ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System is developed to teach and guide the organization to have a comprehensive best practice of EMS ISO 14001:2015. Participants will be exposed to awareness of the overview of new requirements and their interpretations. This course will guide the skills and techniques to measure the effectiveness of an environmental management system through an internal audit. Participants will gain auditing skills and knowledge through a balance of classroom training, practical role-playing, group workshops, case studies and open forum discussions.

Furthermore, the determination of environmental aspects is also one of the main elements of strategic planning as well as the foundation for an EMS ISO 14001:2015. Once the significant environmental aspects have been determined, participants will be further analysed to determine their risks and opportunities and to prioritise the actions needed. Hence, this training will provide also an understanding of the environmental aspects relating to the activities, products and services of an organization and a practical method to document the information and to analyse which ones are significant. The course will also explain the relationship of the aspects to compliance obligations and the associated risks and opportunities.

Course Objective Of Internal Audit of ISO 14001:2015 Training

Who Should Attend Internal Audit of ISO 14001:2015 Training?

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