Safety, Health and Environment

Setting Up A Safety And Health Committee

Setting up a Safety and Health Committee mysheqa my sheqa

This programme was designed for Safety and Health committee members to enhance their understanding on the requirements of Safety and Health Committee at the workplace. Emphasis will be given to the practical aspects of being an effective & empowering Safety and Health Committee.

Occupational Risk Management (HIRARC) Training

Understanding And Compliance To OSH Act 2022

In order to ensure the safety and health aspects of his/her employees, the employer needs to conduct proactive measures in preventing occupational incidents from happening. These proactive measures can be done through the Risk Management process.

Understanding And Compliance To OSH Act 2022

Understanding And Compliance To OSH Act 2022

This course titled “Understanding And Compliance To OSH (Amendment) Act 2022, Act A1648”  is designed to explain the new provisions of the recently amended occupational safety and health act. It was gazetted on the 16th of March 2022; the OSH (Amendment) Act 2022 is an improvement of its predecessor OSH Act (OSHA) 1994.

LockOut and TagOut (LOTO) Training

LockOut and TagOut LOTO training mysheqa my sheqa

Lockout and Tagout (LOTO) training provides employees with an essential understanding of the methods for isolating equipment from hazardous energies, including electricity, mechanical, kinetics, hydraulic, and pneumatic energies, which are likely to cause fatalities or severities to employees outlined in the specific Lockout and Tagout program.

Chemical Safety Handling Training

Chemical safety handling training

Training for chemical safety handling is crucial because chemicals are used in virtually all work activities, thus presenting certain chemical risks in the workplace.

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Training

Behaviour Based Safety

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) is an approach which is gaining more interest across industry sectors globally; a complementary for an already existing comprehensive OSH program for risk management & injury prevention.

Local Exhaust Ventilation LEV Awareness Training

Local Exhaust Ventilation LEV Awareness Training mysheqa my sheqa

The implementation of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) in major projects across Malaysia holds the promise of revolutionizing exposure control and significantly reducing occupational diseases, marking a pivotal step towards a safer and healthier work environment.

Hearing Conservation Training

hearing conservation training

Hearing Conservation Training is a 1 Day and HRDCorp Claimable Training. Our experienced speakers and assessors are certified and registered with DOSH and DOE