Forklift Safety Training

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Course Features Of Forklift Safety Training

What Is Forklift Safety Training All About?

A forklift truck is considered a high-powered vehicle that is designed to arrange, lift and transfer goods most of which are heavy, costly and dangerous. Forklift truck drivers, neglecting safety regulations and safe working procedures while less mental preparation has been recognized as the main cause of the accident which results in injuries, loss of life and loss of properties.

The program provides a general understanding of Forklift truck safety operation, laws, guidelines and the appropriate truck management system.

This Forklift Safety Training is designed carefully with the initiative to increase the awareness of forklift truck drivers on aspects pertaining to personal safety, surrounding people and the properties while operating the vehicle. This module will indirectly increase the skill, competency and mental preparation of the forklift truck drivers.

Course Objective Of Forklift Safety Training

Who Should Attend Forklift Safety Training?

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