EARLY BIRD PROMO – Pre-Book EiMAS Training For 20% Off.

“Pending EiMAS Approval” Got You Reconsidering?

Look, we understand your concern. You’re planning to register for our environmental training, but you need that EiMAS approval confirmed?

Well, how about this?

Pre-book your training with our Early Bird Promo. Simply pre-register to get a 20% discount on training fees, BUT you only have to make payment after the training has received approval by EiMAS.

Once the training has been approved, you will receive an email reminder to purchase with your 20% off. If the training is cancelled, you will simply be notified.

Easy, right? So don’t miss out and pre-book now as fees will return to the normal price starting 31st March 2024


1. Pre-book on HSEClick with 0 payment

2. Course receives EiMAS approval

3. MySheqa notifies participants

4. Participants make payment

5. Participants attend training

*terms & conditions apply

Terms & Conditions:

  • Registration period: 12th February 2024 to 30th March 2024
  • Training period: 1st April 2024 to 30th June 2024.
  • This promotion is valid for all EiMAS environmental training in the stated time frame
  • Applicable to Enviro360 Waste Minimization Virtual Conference
  • Discount is automatically calculated at checkout.
  • Confirmation of EiMAS approval status (approved or rejected) will be sent via e-mail to all pre-registered participants upon confirmation
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View our Q2 (April, May & June) Early Bird Training

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Here at MySHEQA, we provide training services with EiMAS CPD hours to help you manage scheduled wastes effectively in line with Malaysian DOE regulations.

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Looks like you are interested in our EARLY BIRD PROMO – Pre-Book EiMAS Training For 20% Off. .

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