Forklift Refresher Training

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Forklift Refresher Training


Forklift truck is considered as a highly powered vehicle that is designed with many of its characteristics to arrange, lift and transfer goods which most of it are heavy, costly and dangerous. Forklift truck drivers, neglecting safety regulations and the safe working procedures while less mental preparation has been recognized as the main cause of accident which results injuries, loss of life and lost of properties. 

The training provides a general understanding on Forklift truck safety operation, laws, guidelines and the appropriate truck management system. 

This Forklift Refresher Training is designed carefully with initiative to increase the awareness of forklift truck drivers on aspects pertaining to personal safety, surrounding people and the properties while operating the vehicle. This module will also indirectly increase the skill, competency and mental preparation of the forklift truck drivers. 

Lastly the good record and skill of a trained forklift truck driver will be most valuable to the company and his future. 


At the end of the course, the participants will be able to: 

  • Identify cause and effect of accident and sensitiveness about safety. 
  • Identify character and the functions of forklift truck components. 
  • To carry out daily inspection, safety, performance and preventive maintenance to reduce forklift truck repair cost. 
  • To train forklift truck drivers become more cautious, safe and efficient. 
  • Be more responsive on the safe operating procedures to ensure his safety, people surrounding and properties are safe guarded. 
  • Identify and avoid risk by operating the forklift truck safely and be free from accidents


  • Introduction 
  • Safety at Workplace 
  • Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 
  • Forklift Truck Components 
  • Truck Stability and COG- Center of Gravity 
  • Danger Anticipation 
  • Daily Pre-start Inspection 
  • Understanding Gears and Operation Controls 
  • Truck Handling and Steering Controls 


  • Forklift truck -regular drivers (male / female) 
  • Forklift truck -occasional drivers  
  • Lorry cum forklift Truck drivers 
  • Warehouse supervisors 
  • Maintenance crew members. 
  • Production Workers (occasional truck drivers) 

Course Info

Estimated Duration 1 day
Maximum Students 25 participants
Levels Basic

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