Working At Height Competency Training

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Working At Height Competency Training


Working At Height Competency Training has been prepared for building operation and work of an engineering construction, in relation to the design, building, maintenance and demolition of structures. It also has application to a wide range of work situations where workers are placed in a position from which falls are possible. 


At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:  

  • Define “Working at Height” and gain awareness of the legal requirements. 
  • Learn the competencies required for Working at Height. 
  • Acquire a full understanding of the hazards associated with Working at Height 
  • Recognized the ‘Hierarchy of Control’ for Working at Height 
  • Understand the risk assessment and follow a safe system of work 
  • Determine the principles for selection of equipment most suitable for the task 
  • Identify techniques for mitigating falls form height 
  • Become fully familiar with inspection standards for the equipment 
  • Workers participation for Working at Height with suitable PPE 
  • Understanding on how actions and behavior can lead to injuries and accidents 
  • Evaluation of participants understanding on Working at Height module 


  • Overview of the Legislation and Standards 
  • Working at Height Climbing Principle 
  • Fall Arrest System 
  • Use of Fall Protection 
  • Anchorage Points 
  • Tie-Knots (Rope tying technique) 
  • Falling Objects/ Tools 
  • Weather Conditions 
  • Site Management Responsibilities 
  • Emergency Response Procedure 
  • Post Fall from Height 
  • Site Accident and Reporting 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Types of Defects Fall Protective Equipment 
  • FBH Inspection Method 


  • Emergency Response Team members 
  • Employees who working at height 
  • Managers/ Executives, Safety and Health Officers
  • OSH Practitioners, Safety and Health Committee Members 
  • Supervisors and all levels of workers 

Course Info

Estimated Duration 2 days
Maximum Students 25 participants
Levels Basic

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