Ergonomic and Manual Handling Training

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Course Features Of Ergonomic and Manual Handling Training

What Is Ergonomic and Manual Handling Training All About?

Ergonomics is the science of making the work environment fit the worker. By understanding the Ergonomics requirement of work, we could avoid or minimise work-related musculoskeletal injuries as it represents the most common type of workers’ compensation claim. Jobs within an organisation with high rates of musculoskeletal injuries tend to be those requiring a great amount of manual load handling and poor working posture such as back or neck bending. Eliminating and/or minimising musculoskeletal injuries can result in lower workers’ compensation costs and promote the well-being of employees. 

Ergonomic & Manual Handling Program is designed to provide essential ergonomics and its application at the workplace to prevent injuries and improve safe working practice. In addition, it covers conditioning the core body and active muscle of workers who are performing manual handling tasks and working in poor posture.

Furthermore, this program is structured to screen the musculoskeletal issues faced by the employees, suitable ergonomics adjustments and exercises which can reduce musculoskeletal injuries as well as to enhance performance/quality of work.

Course Objective Of Ergonomic and Manual Handling Training

Who Should Attend Ergonomic and Manual Handling Training?

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