Rigging and Slinging Awareness Training

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Course Features Of Rigging and Slinging Awareness Training

What Is Rigging and Slinging Awareness Training All About?

Rigging and slinging awareness is crucial to ensure safety of all workers. In many industries, when the movement of a large object is required, a crane is brought in to help lift the load. In many ways, cranes are helpful and convenient pieces of equipment. But we can’t forget that cranes are also dangerous, especially when the load they will be carrying has not been rigged properly.

In fact, the majority of fatal incidents involving cranes are a result of loads falling from heights onto workers below. As crane operators, we owe it to our co-workers and those around us to understand and respect our machine and practise safe operating, rigging, and slinging procedures.

One of the biggest responsibilities of crane operators is rigging. Rigging loads is a skilled art, as well as an engineering discipline. The very nature of lifting, moving, and holding loads implies a certain risk, which through training and experience can be minimised. This course provides an overview of many aspects of safe load rigging. This includes using materials designed for rigging and employing supervisory personnel who work with all types of hoisting equipment.

This course is intended as a supplement to practical hands-on training and adequate practice opportunities to develop and maintain rigging skills. By the end of this course, participants should be able to demonstrate the physical skills of rigging as well as sound judgement when required.

Course Objective Of Rigging and Slinging Awareness Training

Who Should Attend Rigging and Slinging Awareness Training?

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