Wong Wie Ming

Environmental Trainer

03 7931 7676


Education & Credentials

  • Degree in Biochemical Engineering, National University of Malaysia (UKM)
  • CePSO
  • CePBFO
  • Member of BEM
  • HRDF Certified Trainer


  • Experienced in the technical and operations audit for environmental control system i.e. IETS, APCS and Scheduled Waste Management at MNCs, GLCs and SME companies.
  • Familiar with environmental audit as a tool which companies use to evaluate and quantify their environmental performance in order to identify compliance or management system implementation gaps.
  • Well-versed on the SOP for IETS, APCS and SW, monitoring and data analysis for IETS and APCS, chemical and microbiological test for IETS and Control, optimization and troubleshooting of IETS and APCS
  • Conducted various high-impact trainings and workshops in the area of water treatment processes and environmental including scheduled waste and waste reduction
  • Delivered training to MNCs, GLCs and SME companies on APCS, IETS and Scheduled Waste Management for Gardenia Group, Cargill PKFZ, Meditop Coorperation Plant, VIP glove, Cheme Advance Services Sdn Bhd and Y.S.P Industries (M) Sdn Bhd