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Advance Ergonomics Risk Assessment (ERA)

Advanced Ergonomics Risk Assessment (ERA)

Advanced Ergonomics Risk Assessment can be considered as a level 2 ERA. After conducting the Initial ERA, if the results of the Initial ERA indicate that there are certain ergonomic risk factors (ERFs) then an employer should conduct an Advance Ergonomics Risk Assessment (ERA). This is to identify specific ergonomic risk factors that have been identified at the workplace during the Initial Ergonomics Risk Assessment (ERA). Advance Ergonomics Risk Assessment (ERA) includes posture assessment, forceful assessment and repetition assessment.

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Scope of Work

  • On-Site Gathering of Information of activities
    • Pre-Assessment documentation gathering (accident investigation report, current policies and guidelines, existing controls, medical report, process flow and physical layout etc.);
    • Onsite data collection (Questionnaires, interviews, onsite measurements, photo/video recording);
    • Body Symptom Survey; 
    • Multiple type of assessments;
    • Reviewing Initial ERA
  • Off-site Data Analysis and Report Preparation
    • Documentation review; 
    • Data Analysis and Risk Rating; and
    • Determining action plan.
  • Report submission & presentation


What is the benefits of conducting the Advance Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA)?

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Report Completed:
14 to 30 Days after assessment

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