Aku Pengamal “OSH” Keselamatan & Kesihatan Pekerjaan

Aku Pengamal “OSH” Keselamatan & Kesihatan Pekerjaan


Aku Pengamal “OSH” Keselamatan & Kesihatan Pekerjaan was written to help all OSH practitioners in Malaysia, especially young people who are new to this field. It explores the author’s working experience of almost 15 years in the field of OSH over 7 organizations. 

Why everyone must have this Ebook?

  • It helps reader to pursue GREAT CAREER and SATISFACTION in the field of OSH.
  • It helps reader to become a GREAT and BENEFICIAL OSH practitioner.
  • Various interesting TIPS And EXPERIENCES are shared including:
    • ABCD – Warning for Yourself
    • 4A –  Causes of Accidents C
    • 4B – Praise Attitude When Working 
    • 4T – Attitude Contributing to Accident 
    • 5A – OSH Practice Tips 
    • 5S – For OSH Practitioner 
    • 7K – Accident Effects 
    • 6P – Accident Risk Control 


About the Author

Puan Norwani Ahmat has more than 18 years experiences in Safety, Health and Environment (SHE). People find her as self-motivated OSH leader with strong background in SHE management. She had a proven track record in leading, managing and improving SHE performance in seve ral industries.

Puan Norwani Ahmat has experienced in providing training, knowledge, guidance and coaching in understanding of OHSAS 18001 and ISO14001 as well as document, data and record control.

Puan Norwani Ahmat has created module “OSH in school and tahfiz” in year 2015. The module has been shared more than 160 pax in the HSE Group and OSH Practitioners are using the module for the since 2017.


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