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Understanding Factories and Machinery (FMA) and Its Regulation Training

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Understanding Factories and Machinery (FMA) and Its Regulation Training


The 1 day comprehensive training course will develop the basic skills of the participants in both theory and practical applications required for implementing Machinery Safety Training. Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 is important in developing a safer and healthier workplace in Malaysia. However,  in many industries, OHS is still at compliance level, especially in Machinery Safety. In order to help organization to control occupational health and safety risk, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001) was developed.  Based on all Legal Requirements and Standards, all hazards and risks contributing to workers’ safety and health should be identified and assessed continuously.    

Machine safeguarding has become an essential means of keeping the workplace safe. Machine safeguarding refers to specific controls designed to prevent employees from coming into contact with equipment that could cause injury. By understanding where the hazards exist in your workplace, supervisory personnel can help ensure that proper safeguards are in place to protect employees. In addition, all employees who work with potentially hazardous machinery or operations need to understand how machine safeguards work and how to use them to prevent injury. 

Participants will be exposed both theoretically and practically on the procedures and steps in implementing Machinery Safety Training Management.  It will help the participants to set up their system of managing machinery in their respective workplace. 


At the end of this training, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify hazards associated with machinery in the workplace 
  • Apply the principles of machinery safety as described in FMA 1967 
  • Produce a Safe System of Work concerning the maintenance of machinery 
  • Develop an understanding on the concepts of machinery safety 


  • Requirements and Needs of Machinery Safety – The Concept 
  • Legal   requirements  – FMA 1967 /  OSHA Act 1994 
  • Recognize the mechanical hazards of your equipment 
  • List the two categories of mechanical hazards 
  • Given examples, identify the type of motion hazard described 
  • List specific hazards machines create 
  • Use safeguards to reduce hazards properly 
  • Evaluate reasons for using safeguards 
  • List the various types of guards 
  • Identify safety devices used to reduce machine hazards 
  • Define Point of Operation 
  • Appreciate the limitations of machine safeguards
  • Recall that not all machines can be guarded completely 
  • Explain that hazards increase when a machine requires operator to feed or manipulate materials by hand 
  • Identify mechanical power transmission hazards 
  • Follow safeguarding requirements 
  • List the general minimum requirements for all safeguards 
  • Site an example of a damaged safeguard creating a hazard 
  • Explain the importance of safeguards being easy to work with 
  • General safety procedures application and practices when working with machinery 
  • Agree that specific equipment could have unique requirements that need to be observed
  • Recognize that employees and management both share the responsibility for making sure safeguards are in place 


  • Managers and supervisors 
  • Safety and Health Committee Members 

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Course Info

Estimated Duration 1 day
Maximum Students 25 Participants
Time 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Levels Basic

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