Engineering and Construction Safety

Construction Safety Awareness

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Construction Safety Awareness

Construction Safety Awareness Training is developed to help participants in the construction industry to gain general awareness about safety and health issues at the construction site. Working in the construction industry means that you are actually exposed to the dangers and precautionary measures need to be taken to ensure safety of all employees. Organizations need to be attentive in the issue of health and safety of their employees and ensure that related and effective training are provided to their employees.

At the end of course, the participant should be able to:
• Identify hazards and risks in construction industries
• Implement effective safety management system
• Understand on the roles and responsibilities when working in construction industry
• Identify the importance of engineering control in construction industry
• Improve on safe working arrangement within the organization.

• Overview of safety in construction
• Roles and responsibilities of employers and workers
• Hazard identification and control
• Maintenance and safe procedures required

• Managers
• Engineers
• Safety Officers
• Supervisors
• Workers who work in construction

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Course Info

Estimated Duration 1 Day or 2 Days
Maximum Students 25 Participants
Time 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Levels Basics

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