Air Pollution Control System Training

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Air Pollution

Air Pollution Control System Training


Air Pollution Control System Training aims to provide a fundamental knowledge of all aspects of air pollution, its management and control system operational efficiency for scrubber system. 

Participants will be described on the causes and the effects or impacts of air pollution, its management from local to international levels and engineering controls used to reduce emissions from industry. The training is inclusive of simple explanation of basic of air pollution control system (APCS) design and operation to enhance understanding for non-engineers. A series of workshop will be organized to discuss the control of air pollution system from the source of production process. 


At the end of course, the participants should be able to:  

  • Understand the fundamental knowledge of APCS. 
  • Identify the effective method for pollution control system focusing on scrubber equipment operation. 
  • Understand basic engineering design for scrubber operation. 
  • Perform cost benefit analysis on the options of scrubber and other APCS. 
  • Identify incurred cost from improper management of scrubber operation. 


  • Introduction to Air Pollution 
  • Effective methods to control Air Pollution 
  • Know your Scrubber! 
  • What is Environmental Accounting? 
  • How to analyse environmental cost vs cost benefit analysia (CBA)? 
  • Hidden cost on improper management of scrubber operation. 


  • Individuals who require a general yet comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices associated with air pollution control. 

Course Info

Estimated Duration 1 or 2 days
Maximum Students 25 Participants
Levels Basic

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