4×4 Defensive Driving Training

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4×4 Defensive Driving Training


With the increment of danger and risk on our road today, 4×4 Defensive Driving Training is designed to provide drivers with the necessary skills and knowledge, to enable them to manage and maneuver 4×4 vehicle safely. Lack of appropriate driving techniques, skills and habits could lead to fatal consequences and this course will be handy for them in carrying out their respective duties as it will minimise off-road negligence whilst maximising on-road cognizance. The course will cover on critical 4×4 off road and wheel knowledge as well as with sustainable self-discipline habits and practical skills on the wheel. Throughout of the course, it is expected that knowledge and skills in safe operation of 4×4 vehicle in a variety of hazardous conditions and all weather situations in regional and remote Malaysia improved. 


At the end of the course, the participants will be able to: 

  • Adopt a comprehensive set of safe defensive driving habits in line with our driving culture in Malaysia 
  • Adopt a comprehensive set of safe off-road skills and defensive driving habits 
  • Understand the mental and physical aspects of 4×4 off road training 
  • Apply these driving habits to their 4×4 vehicles 
  • Perform pre-trip and post-trip vehiccle safety inspection and journey management plan 
  • Understand 4×4 system, components and operations 
  • Identify type of tyres and tyre pressure for on-road and off-road 
  • Respond positively in differing driving circumstances and environments 


  • Mindset and awareness package 
  • Introduction to road accident, exposures statistical awareness and analysis 
  • Pre-drive checks and knowledge of the vehicles 
  • Introduction to defensive driving concept, technique and hazard perception. 
  • Fatigue awareness and management 
  • Drug and alcohol policy 
  • Vehicle stability 


  • Four wheeled drivers 

Course Info

Estimated Duration 1 day
Maximum Students 25 participants
Levels Basic

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