Roles of Safety and Health Committee under OSHA 1994

Effective Safety and Health Committee should involve employees from different departments. Under OSHA 1994, if there are more than 40 employees in a company, safety and health committee needs to be established. One of the purposes is to respond to and discuss safety and health related concerns raised by their co-workers. As they assist the employer, they need to attend safety-related training to gain awareness and knowledge. Through the training, they will understand their roles. Do you know what the roles of the Safety and Health Committee are?

What are The Roles of Safety and Health Committee?

In a Safety and Health Committee, the appointment of management and workers representative are according to Occupational Safety and Health (Safety and Health Committee) Regulations 1996. Once they have been appointed, these are their roles.

  1. Review safety and health procedures at the workplace
  2. Inspect workplace
  3. Investigate any accidents or other related matters that are raised
  4. Investigate safety and health related complaints
safety and health

1. Review safety and health procedures at the workplace.

The Safety and Health Committee will support the evaluation and establishment of workplace safety and health regulations, guidelines, and protocols. They will provide education to fellow colleagues regarding work-related hazards and proper procedures. Additionally, they will assess the efficacy of Safety and Health programs implemented in the workplace.

2. Inspect workplace.

In addition, it is necessary for the Safety and Health Committee to conduct regular inspections at the workplace. These inspections should take place at least once every three months. The committee is responsible for identifying any safety and health hazards present in the workplace and recommending appropriate corrective measures. You can find our guidelines on Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Risk Control at this link: Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Risk Control.

safety and health
safety and health

When the committee receives any complaints regarding unsafe acts or unhealthy practices, they are required to conduct an investigation. Subsequently, they will prepare a report detailing the findings of the investigation and recommend appropriate corrective measures.

safety and health

When management and employees come together, it provides the optimal opportunity to address any safety and health concerns. This encompasses various aspects, such as workplace inspection observations, safe working procedures, safety reports, safety and health policy, and the effectiveness of safety and health programs.

Creating a productive safety and health committee might require a significant time investment, but it plays a crucial role in preventing workplace injuries and accidents. Empowering the safety and health committee ensures the well-being of employees and establishes a safer working environment in organizations. You can find our guidelines on establishing an effective safety and health committee here: [link].

Lastly, are you aware of Safety and Health Committee at your workplace?

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HSE Insights, Issue 3, November 2020

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