Migrant Worker Loses Hand In Glove Factory Accident in Ipoh

Ipoh, 3 November 2020 – A migrant worker loses his right hand in an accident at a glove factory in Ipoh. The incident happened on 29th October 2020 around 5.30 am. The victim is a 26 years old Bangladeshi. Following that, Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Perak deployed an investigation team to investigate the case.

What Happened During The Incident?

During the incident, he was removing the residues of bypass gloves in the washing brush tank. Apparently, his glove got caught in the rotating shaft of the washing brush tank. As a result, the accident cost him his right hand. He was treated in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun as he was severely injured.

Action to be taken

DOSH Perak issued stop work order for any work activity in the production line. Therefore, employer needs to take remedial actions. In light to the accident, the department will take legal action to the responsible party for any violation under Occupational Safety and Health 1994 (OSHA1994). DOSH is seriously concern on any accident involving employees and public.

To sum up, as employers have the full authority of the workplace, they are responsible to identify hazards, assess risks and implement effective control measures at the workplace. This will reduce employee’s safety risks and prevent accidents. View our tips on Roles of Employer under OSHA 1994 here.

Last but not least, to prevent the accident, employer need to conduct comprehensive risk assessment and control according to the Guidelines on Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC).

Source: Department of Occupational Safety and Health Perak

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