In this conference, we emphasize on overcoming these challenges as well as how to build a prevention culture within the workplace. This conference discusses the past, present and how to anticipate the future of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ENVIRO360 was made to not only be the avenue for practitioners to discuss on environmental issues but to activists and enthusiasts alike that are interested in taking part in a shift of opinions, knowledge, and environmental practices

BOCE – Borneo OSH Conference & Exhibition

SWKRG SHE is inspired to gather comments and feedback whilst to encourage the sharing of OSH knowledge, practices and experiences across the industrial sectors in East-Malaysia. The inaugural Borneo OSH Conference and Exhibition 2019 (BOCE) organised by SWKRG SHE will discuss how to further instil a culture of preventing unsafe behaviours, work-related ill health, accidents and serves as the enhanced platform for OSH professionals in East – Malaysia.

MECCE – Malaysia Environment Climate Conference & Exhibition

MECCE 2019 is a propitious intellectual event that will provide a platform for our nation’s industrial practitioners, academicians, researchers, engineers and environmentalists to share & communicate their knowledge and skills on current environmental management issues and challenges. Wide-ranging discourses on the direction of the government towards compliance, pollution prevention & control, as well as on the perpetual improvements made parallel to the rapid technological developments worldwide. Additionally, this event aims to forge the understanding of the efforts and industrial impacts required as well as highlighting the preventive actions that will be reported in UNFCCC statistics.

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