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Migrant Worker Loses Hand In Glove Factory Accident in Ipoh

Ipoh, 3 November 2020 – A migrant worker loses his right hand in an accident at a glove factory in Ipoh. The incident happened on 29th October 2020 around 5.30 am. The victim is a 26 years old Bangladeshi. Following that, Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Perak deployed an investigation team to investigate … Read more

Elements of Effective Hearing Conservation Program

Occupational noise hazard is one of the main concern at workplace these days. Industrial workers, particularly in manufacturing and construction sectors are exposed to loud equipment and this will affect their productivity. If noise levels are too high, they will not be able to hear signals or instructions. Besides, prolonged exposure to hazardous noise could … Read more

Office Ergonomics Tips to Avoid Fatigue

How are you dealing with working at office? We spend approximately eight hours a day in the office. If you’re experiencing fatigue at the office, it affect your performance at work. Eventually, you will be exhausted and performed poorly. Imagine yourself driving continuously without stopping for a break. You will feel tired, sleepy and develop … Read more

Roles of Safety and Health Committee under OSHA 1994

Effective safety and health committee should involve employees from different departments. Under OSHA 1994, if there are more than 40 employees in a company, safety and health committee need to be established. One of the purposes is to respond and discuss on safety and health related concerns by their co-workers. As they assist the employer, … Read more

Fatal Accident of Local Worker at a Brick Factory

24 October, Sungai Siput – A fatal accident reported at a brick factory around 3.30 pm. It involved a local worker aged 47 years old. Following that, Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Perak deployed an investigation team to investigate the case. Further investigation found that the victim was a general worker in production … Read more

Department of Environment Sarawak Investigate Diesel Oil Spill

29 October 2020, Bintulu – Following information received, Department of Environment Sarawak investigated a diesel oil spill in Kawasan Perindustrian Tanjung Kidurong. To control oil spill and prevent diesel oil flowing to the drain and nearby sea, the premise was instructed to immediately implement cleaning work. Spill are controlled within the premise. Additionally, DOE oversee … Read more

Workplace Forklift Safety Rules

Forklift is a powered truck used to lift, transport, stack and arrange materials. In the industry, it is widely used to lift goods. As a powered industrial machine, there are risks in operating it. Here are few safety rules when operating forklift. 1. Operated by Licensed Operator 2. Forklift operates uniquely 3. Carry out daily … Read more

Workplace Safety Tips That All Employees Should Know

Workplace safety is important to every employee at workplace. You want to work at ease and protected. When you leave home in the morning, you want to go back in safe and healthy condition. Every workplace has its own risks. Hence, top management should always prioritize and think of strategies to improve safety management at … Read more

Event: Celebration of National Environment Day 2020

Celebration of National Environment Day 2020  was held on last 23rd October 2020 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Concurrent with the celebration, four signature events were highlighted. E-waste collection program Avoid Single Use Plastic Campaign Greening the Earth and Tree Planting Campaign River Preservation through the National River Trail Program 1. E-waste collection program It is … Read more