Importance of Basic Occupational First Aid at The Workplace

Awareness training on basic occupational first aid helps to react in case of an emergency situation at workplace as it equipped you with life saving skills and confidence to treat injured person. Here are the reasons why basic knowledge of occupational first aid training is important;

Promotes safe and healthy working practices

Insight on occupational first aid promote on sense of safety and healthy well being among employees and motivate them to be aware and alert on safe condition of their surroundings. They will be able to not only protect themselves but also people around them. Their self-conscious in first aid contribute in lessening accidents and casualties at workplace.

Reduce visits to the hospital​

Different types of injury will require different medical treatment. Not every injuries or accident will end up in hospital. Immediate first aid treatment can directly be administered at place of incident if the injuries only require first-aid treatment such as treating small cut and wound. As application of wrong method or procedures could cause more harm than good, it is important to manage the injury with correct first aid procedures and knowledge such as right bandaging method.

Reduce recovery time

Administer of first aid during an emergency situation help to physically move someone in pain, react to the injuries and reduced pain of the injured person. Immediate first aid administered to the injured person reduces recovery time and contribute to whether the injured person will suffer temporary or permanent disability.

Prevent the condition from worsening

Application of simple first aid techniques in an emergency situation will assist in preventing conditions of the victim or injured person from deteriorating and stabilise the injured person until him or her received medical treatment.

Ensure sufficient supply of first aid kit​

By having knowledge of occupational first aid, employees will be able to assist the employer or personnel in charge in ensuring sufficient supply of first aid kit at workplace. It is important to maintain a well stocked first aid and regularly inspect condition of the first aid kit such as expiration date of the kit. Replenish first aid kit stocks to ensure sufficient supply of the first aid kits, so that it can be used by the employees to treat injuries.

You do not know what to do when you see someone is having difficulty in breathing?

You do not have knowledge on the basic procedures in treating minor injuries?

You are feeling hesitant to treat an injured person?

You are having problems in identifying types of first aid kits required in your company?


Do you know that we can help you regarding your problems?

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HSE Insights, Issue 9, October 2020

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