OPS Gempur Statistics By Department of Environment

‘OPS Gempur’ is an operation initiated by Ministry of Environment and Water through its Department of Environmental in ensuring industrial compliance to Environmental Quality Act (EQA) 1974 and Its Regulations.

OPS Gempur which was launched and executed early of this year is a high impact initiative by the ministry to enhance enforcement and industry compliance with environmental legislations.

This operation is implemented periodically in addition to routine inspection to premises subjected to EQA 1974 and Its Regulations thereunder which is identified can cause environmental pollution.

In this operation, enforcement are focused to premises which usually located at upstream of water intake, premises which received complains, producing high load of pollutants, often subject to enforcement, producing high quantity of scheduled waste and located at environmental area issues.

Throughout periodic operations, current statistics of OPS Gempur per below:



January 2020 to September 2020


Ops Gempur Operations


Premises Inspected

(From different industries)



Licensed Factory
Such as Palm Oil Mills, Raw Rubber Mills or processing facilities and Scheduled Waste Contractor

Following inspection conducted through OPS Gempur, decisive action has been taken to 942 premises which were found guilty under EQA 1974 and Its Regulations. 

Industry players are reminded to always comply to EQA 1974 and Its Regulations and to always ensure operations did not contribute to environmental pollution, degradation and affect human well-being.

HSE Insights, Issue 4, October 2020

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