Empowering Safety and Health Committee

Empowering Safety & Health Committee

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In an organization, the Safety and Health Committee serves an important role as they serve as a medium for management and workers to meet regularly and discuss on health and safety at workplace. Poor knowledge, attitudes and skills of the Safety and Health Committee members may impose dangers in the workplace in which situations such as unidentified hazards, dangerous occurrences and unassessed risks may happened at workplace and affect working condition and environment. We want to help you to empower your committee, so here are a few guidelines on how you can improve.

1. Diverse background of representatives
Select a representative from each department and let everyone be part of the committee without considering their position, if they volunteered for the position, then that would be a better option. This would be one of the platform to bring the workers and management together.

2. Attentive to their roles and responsibilities
Every committee member needs to understand their roles and responsibilities and let them know that they are not here to play and they are actually contributing on the improvement in terms of safety and health at the company. Outline the mission and vision of the committee, train and provide guidelines of their roles and responsibilities.

3. Effective communication
Effective communication will ensure that ideas, problems and information are channelled effectively within the committees. Hence, it will help on solving any problems related to OSH. Communication can be channeled through platform such as OSH Corner, Hazard Reporting, Safety Interaction, Safety Weekly Newsletter and Safety Toolbox Meeting.

4. Informative
Ensure that the committee members are informed beforehand of the programmes, trainings and meetings in advance, so that the information can be conveyed to the employees in timely manner. In incidents related to OSH, they are the front-liners and it is important to have them understand first on related situations before they prepare and promote on OSH.

5. Be resourceful
All employees ranging from the management and workers need to be cooperative and support the committee in executing their roles as Safety and Health Committee. Employers need to ensure that they received enough training, have access to relevant information and be effective in their roles.

Empowered Safety and Health Committee ensure the wellbeing of employees and create a safer working arrangement in an organizations as incidents and injuries reduced.

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