Effective Management Of Workforce Digital Misconduct

15 - 16 JANUARY 2020

Date : 15 Jan - 16 Jan
Time : 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Location : Bangi Resort Hotel, Selangor

About the course:

Digital Conduct or Misconducts among employees in the current digital age where communication on the social and very public sphere has truly become one of the most disturbing issues that could be happening to HR professionals; particularly those Industrial Relations specialists – more so that it is happening BEYOND the hours where an employer would have CLEAR control.

What was the norm for the in-house IR experts, HR practitioners and those within the Company who could be involved with the resulting disciplinary proceedings as well as having to “contemplate immediate sacking” triggered by those very “PUBLIC” digital acts of such employees, will now be on discovery mode that this is now a new set of DIGITAL-REALITY. Employers are now faced with the fundamental question of CAN WE SACK AN EMPLOYEE FOR HIS/HER CONDUCT IN THE PUBLIC DIGITAL SPACE COMMITTED OUTSIDE WORKING HOURS? How far can employers stretch this power to dismiss and what impact will there be to the BRAND of the employers if no sacking happens? Is there a way around this or can we just take-it head-on and rely on dismissal powers as TOTAL authority of the employer?

Unlike conventional Industrial Relations matters, a DIGITAL MISCONDUCT might just come into operation with other legislations such as the Communications & Multimedia Act, Computer Crimes Act, Defamation Act and other relevant laws related to Personal Data Protection depending on when and how offence occurs. Also, what evidence will be good evidence in a Domestic Inquiry and beyond? It simply does not end there – which party is to take what type of action and how is the employer supposed to connect the dots and subsequently take actions that will be impacting a person’s employment?

The digital transformation of HR’s role in business is already in itself, a fresh development. Clearly, nobody really knows what the trouble signs are to monitor, what triggers to look out for in managing digital conduct beyond the employment sphere whilst at the same time aligning it to DIGITAL EMPLOYER BRANDING. Come take the intellectual and thought - provoking journey with us as we seek to equip HR practitioners with the essential competencies to make them an effective digital conduct champion.

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