Design Consideration In APCS & Natural Effects In Ducting


Date : 18 Sept - 19 Sept
Time : 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Location : Mysheqa Training Centre, Kuala Lumpur

09 DECEMBER 2019

Date : 09 Dec - 10 Dec
Time : 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Location : Johor Bahru

About the course:

Air Pollution Control System (APCS) is essential to control particle or gases emission from the risk of air pollution in Malaysia. Amongst the critical factors that contribute to the substandard APCS are the design & its relationship to the integrity of ducting. This 2 days course discusses the improvement measures & fundamental of design factor on ducting and APCS that could improve efficiency level of APCS. Besides, it will also address the natural effect that could cause to the failure of ducting based on temperature, humidity & pressure effect. The course will share real case studies of how APCS design stage error and ducting problem lead to the system failure and suggest its counter solutions

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