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About US

Established in 2014, MySHEQA is a progressive and innovative organisation that strives to enhance the industry world by nurturing all clients and aiding them in becoming more aware of health, safety, environment, & quality assurance. Since 2015, we have arranged various in-house training, public training, conferences, and exhibition programs for over 2000 Malaysian and international corporations. We have also provided Health, Safety, & Environment (HSE) consultation for companies.

Our customers from SME, public-listed, international, and multinational companies reach out to us because we are fully-competent with helping them develop and maintain their best practice. They know that we constantly review and update our programs for continuous improvement so that our programs meet all evolving industry requirements. 

In line with digital transformation, we started offering online training courses about numerous topics. Our online courses are favourable to those who struggle with physically attending our training course and/or wish for a more cost-effective option for learning.


Our Mission

Preferred consulting and training company in enhancing industries to achieve preventive health, safety and environment culture.

Our Vision

World class sought-after client centred professional services provider in SHEQA training consultancy.

What We Do

We are well-respected specialists in safety, health, environment, and quality assurance management.

Every resource used is intended to lower risks, prevent injuries, reduce harmful environmental impacts, and support the wellbeing at the workplace.

We have conducted more than 30000 hours of training sessions for over 2000 corporate organisations.

Here are Our Top Services

Training & Learning

However your organisation develops skills and knowledge,we will train you in a way that is suitable for your needs.

Audit and Consultancy

We advise you on how to reach the best standards in HSE management, while following all current legal guidelines.

Expert Consultants

Our consultants are top-notch and well-versed in the HSE field. We are fully prepared to serve our clients needs.

Excellent Customer Services

We treat our customers like family with care and give them the care they deserved. Our customers are always satisfied.

OSHE Monitoring

We offer essential workplace exposure monitoring services to make your workplace safe.

Events & Meetups

We arrange and hold online/face-to-face conferences with hundreds of people at a time.

collaborate with us

Who We Work With

  • We do partner collaborations and work with all kinds of organisations & business partners from all sectors, as well as all sizes.
The success story

Our History

  • The MySHEQA team started MySHEQA Group Sdn Bhd in 2014, with the intention of becoming the number one HSE company in Malaysia. To keep up with our customers' needs, MySHEQA evolved into becoming a competitive nationwide company.
  • We grew progressively throughout the years by expanding our team, conducting 50 public programs a year, and extending our reach to even Sabah and Sarawak. In 2018, MySHEQA successfully initiated the first KL Environment Conference & Exhibition (KLECE) and in 2019, the Borneo OSH Conference & Exhibition (BOCE) and the first Malaysia Environment Climate Conference & Exhibition (MECCE).
  • Now, we have just recently held the largest online Webinar with nearly 400 participants, titled "Managing the Risk of COVID-19 Outbreak: The Challenge of Change".​
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Why Our Client Love Us

"Great Learning Experience"

The course is well organised and trainer had a great experience and knowledge on the subject. Besides, the presentation materials are having top notch content and easy to understand. Great learning experience with MySHEQA Academy
Shereen Fuad
OSRAM Seminconductor Penang

"Good and Well Presented"

The topic is good and well presented. In addition, the content is relevant to the current issues and example of SOP thereof can be applied directly. An excellent explanation from the lecture.
Pertama Ferroalloy Sarawak

"Engaging Presentation"

The first online course organised by MySHEQA deserved a big applause. My sincere thank you and keep up a great job for the presenter on delivering short and powerful presentation that create interest and excitement
Elangovan Kasimaniam
OSRAM Seminconductor Penang